The Prices of Fuel lower for around 50 – 60 Pfennigs then Last Year

fuelThe Federal Ministry of trade continues to receive demands for approving the new, lower prices of fuel –the Sector for market prices and analysis confirmed.

The previously mentioned requests relate to decrease of prices of fuel and diesel from 5 to 10 pfennigs.

The gas stations need to address an official form to the Ministry three days before the changes. Namely, it means that if they deliver form today, the prices will go down in three days.

One liter of diesel in the FBiH is around 1,80 BAM although, in the next few days, the price could go down even more.

In general, as they stated at the Ministry of trade, the prices are lower for around 50 – 60 pfennigs than last year when the prices started to decrease.


(Source: Vijesti.ba)

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