Price of Fuel in Bosnia and Herzegovina should be below two marks per Liter


The price of fuel in Bosnia and Herzegovina should definitely be below two marks per liter, which is also proven by the insight into the purchase prices of petrol stations in the country, Almir Becarevic, an energy expert, told Dnevni Avaz newspapers.

Federal Minister of Commerce Zlatan Vujanovic told Avaz news portal that the current fuel price range in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is from 1.91 to 2.31 BAM per liter of gasoline, while the price of diesel varies from 1.76 to 2.26 BAM.

He added that when one considers the current number of pumps in the Federation of BiH (693), then this means that some gas stations have repeatedly recorded the price of fuel. On this occasion, Vujanovic pointed out that the drivers had finally taken the matter into their own hands.

“In particular, in the last few days, we have more than 10,000 new downloads of the Federal Ministry of Commerce’s application for monitoring fuel prices. We already have over 35,000 downloads, and an Apple version of the app is coming in April. We expect that this application will become a real tool in the hands of citizens, who will dictate the fuel companies in a certain way and dictate fuel prices,”explained Vujanovic.

Specifically, oil refiners in BiH often find a reason to keep fuel prices in refineries, which they say do not always follow global trends.

However, looking at the refinery prices, it is only since the beginning of this year that it is evident that not all gas stations are fair and the owners are not always in the mood to lower the price despite the decrease in fuel purchase prices.

“It is realistic to expect that we go back to ten years ago, when diesel cost from 1.50 to 1.70 BAM per liter. It is commendable for those gas stations that accompany this decline in purchase prices. I will never use the word that pumps are cheating, but I will say that they do not follow the fall in refinery prices,” emphasized Becarevic.

Refinery prices are shown according to S&P Global Platts and prices fell from 24 to 35 percent from March 2-9.



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