Preparations for the Payment of the Clearing Debt taking place?

June 30, 2017 9:15 AM

Diaspora Money magazin.baThe procedure related to the payment of 125 million USD of clearing debt to BiH is currently taking place in Russia, as confirmed by Attache of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in BiH, Antonio Sokolov.

“Everything is going as planned and it is currently in the process. We will announce the term of realization of clearing debt payment when it is ready,“ stated Sokolov.

Minister of Finance and Treasury of BiH Vjekoslav Bevanda and Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Sergey Storchak signed an agreement related to regulation of obligations of the former USSR towards BiH on March 21, in Moscow.

According to this agreement, BiH will receive a total of 125,157,834 USD.

Funds will be allocated in the following manner:  the FBiH will receive 58 % or 72,591,543 USD, the RS will receive 29 % or 36,295,771 USD, the institutions of BiH will receive 10 % or 12,515,783 USD and Brcko District will receive 3 % or 3,754,735 USD.

BiH is still the only country from the former SFRY that has not received the payment of the so-called clearing debt yet.



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