Possible Salary Increase in Institutions of Bosnia-Herzegovina?


Minister of Finance and Treasury in the Council of Ministers, Vjekoslav Bevanda, announced the possibility of increasing the salary base in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s institutions by 4.5 percent, adding that there is increasing pressure from the union to make it happen after seven years. Bevanda stated that adopting the 2019 budget created an opportunity to increase the meal allowance and announced that it would start to be paid with January salaries.

According to him, there is an initiative to return the base to the level it was in 2012 when it was reduced by 4.5 percent.

“The pressure from the unions is increasing, and the original agreement the Council of Ministers had with them, when salaries and benefits were reduced, stated that there would be no correction for two years. Seven years have passed and requests for meetings have been increasing. This may be justified, because those whose coefficient is low should be kept in mind, “Bevanda told Glas Srpske.

He added that he was sure that no one could say that they were well-paid soldiers, police officers, inspectors and those whose work was often exposed to various risks.

“This is a decision taken by the Council of Ministers on the basis of the Law on Salaries and Remuneration in the Institutions of BiH, and we will soon see whether this initiative will be adopted,” said Bevanda, who is also the deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers, news portal reports.


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