Possible Extension of Custody for One Person who joined the Structures of “ISIL”


Prosecutor from the Section for Terrorism within the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption has put forward a motion with the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina seeking an extension of custody in relation to Muharem Dunic, born in 1974 in Jajce.

The aforementioned suspect is under investigation by the Section for Terrorism and he is charged with having resided in the territory of Syria for a longer period of time, where he joined the structures of the so-called “ISIL”, which has been declared a terrorist organization by the UN Security Council.

The measure of custody has been requested for the reasons described in Article 132, paragraph 1), items a), b), c) and d) of the Criminal Procedure Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina, namely, due to the risk of the suspect’s flight, the fear that, if at large, the suspect might influence witnesses or accessories, and the danger that, if at large, he could commit a new criminal offense or complete the criminal offense, as well as due to the circumstances of the commission of the criminal offence, where the release of the suspect would cause disturbance of public order and citizens.

The motion for the extension of custody has been put forward with the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it has been granted by the Court.


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