Positive Story: Herzegovinians collected 70 000 BAM and helped Fellow Citizen

helpAround 5,800 Herzegovinians joined Facebook group “Humanitarna Aukcija Mostar (Charity auctions Mostar)”, which was established last year with the aim to selflessly help the poor, the sick, children and all those who need help.

Number of group members is increasing every day, but a large number of auctions was organized and they all have been quite successful. Elma Tipura-Lizde, Ivana Lasta, Katarina Petrovic, Martina Peric Jozepovic and Sanja Hrkac are responsible for the work of this group.

“We collected about 70,000 BAM and saved several lives so far. We have helped many people, mostly our fellow citizens, who needed money for medical treatments, and we also had auctions for soup kitchens in Mostar, for help for Syrian refugees, etc.,” said Tipura-Lizde.

She explained that after receiving information that a person needs help, they check the actual situation and then start the auction. Each auction lasts for 5 days, and on the auction can be offered anything, including treatments, services or similar.

“There is bank account of the person for every action, and the money from the auction goes directly to the account of the said person,” said Tipura-Lizde.

She emphasized that the money is mostly collected for help for sick children.

“One of our first successful auctions was for little boy Hamza, who was suffering from the most severe form of leukemia and he needed money for medical treatment abroad. Back then we had only a few hundred members, but we managed to collect around 5,000 BAM in only 5 days and Hamza went to treatment. A year later, we received wonderful news from Hamza’s mother that he returned to school and that the treatment was a success,” said Tipura-Lizde.

This group is real proof that citizens, even in these difficult financial times, are still socially sensitive.

“It’s a beautiful feeling to see someone allocating 1 or 2 BAM, or even 50 BAM, just to help someone else. It returns faith in people and humanity. Each auction that helps someone is success, we give support to people who think they are on their own. Well, the good returns, as long as you’re healthy and you have the opportunity to help someone, do not hesitate, do it, better today than tomorrow,” said Tipura-Lizde.

The second auction for 2-year old Filip Vujevic who is suffering from a tumor on his kidney is currently taking place. Filip is located in Zagreb for a period of one year for which he receives chemotherapy once a week.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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