Positive Story: Help for the War Veteran who now lives in Poverty

November 26, 2017 12:00 PM

A demobilized war veteran of the Army of RBiH Francis Ernest Frank lives in an inadequate house in the village Donje Zezalovo near Kiseljak.

The Belgian of French origin, who moved to Osijek in Croatia with his parents, had a difficult war story that started with the attack on the village Slatina in Osijek back in 1991 when his whole family, including parents, two sisters, two brothers and his wife and two children, died.

Frank managed to save himself and he joined the Croatian Army, where he received special war merits.

He came to Hrasnica at the beginning of the war in BiH, where he joined ranks of the unit Crni Labudovi. He was wounded shortly after that. After the recovery in 1993, he came in the 4th battalion of the 9th Brigade of the Army of RBiH, where he was remembered as a very brave soldier. He was demobilized in June 1996.

Considering that he does not possess any documents or citizenship of BiH, he was unable to realize any rights that belong to him as a war veteran and a demobilized soldier. However, the delegation of the Municipality Centar, on behalf of the mayor Nedzad Ajnadzic, and the associations of war veterans visited their comrade, who now lives in very difficult conditions.

“In order to permanently resolve your situation, Mayor of the Municipality Centar Nedzad Ajnadzic, in cooperation with associations of war veterans, wants to initiate the procedure required for you to get our citizenship, which represents a first precondition for obtaining personal documents and realization of all the rights that you have as a former member of the Army of RBiH and the war veteran.

Frank thanked for the help and noted that he survives thanks to the people who, from time to time, provide him with food, firewood, and clothing.

Frank expressed the hope that the question regarding his citizenship will be resolved soon and that his status as a member of the Army of RBiH will be systematically resolved as well, in order for him to live in the peace for which he fought so bravely.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)



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