Positive Story: Foster Families taking Care of 39 Children

February 12, 2019 12:00 PM

The Center for Social Work in Prijedor has been focusing its activities on the promotion of foster families over the past few years. The Center aims for the better protection of children who are facing with different forms of violence and neglect.

As a result of their work, a total of 32 families have been registered in Prijedor. Currently, they are taking care of 39 children who have been taken from their biological families.

Seven children have been placed with foster families – more than the last year, including 31 minors and 9 children who came of age.

In order for the families to get the status of a foster family, they must undergo the training that is organized by the Center. They have to meet several requirements such as making sure their home meets specific living conditions, that hygiene is at a satisfactory level, that the child has its own room in which it will stay, that house rules are known, and that nobody in the family has been convicted or have committed any criminal offense.

It was noted that great attention has been given in order for children that are taken from biological families not to forget their identity.

“We are working with these children and we are in contact with their biological families. Regardless of the fact that they are taken from them, we organize meetings with their parents. In the end, they are their parents, and no one can forbid them that,” as stated from the center.

According to the Center, many foster families and children develop a strong bond – almost a true family relationship, and they are able to remain in contact even after they leave their foster families.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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