Positive Story: Football Player from BiH digging Water Wells in Africa

The former Serbian representative, Neven Subotic from Banja Luka, travels to Ethiopia whenever he gets the chance.

And while many people use their vacation to enjoy in the warmer areas, this defensive player of Borussia Dortmund is helping people in this poor African country.

Subotic has his own humanitarian foundation, and he is helping the construction of water wells in this poor part of the world.

“There is nothing better  for me than this. This is the real thing, and not just lying by the pool. I feel like at home when I come here, because I get to meet great people. I feel friendship, we all want to live in a better world and we all have the same goal – to create a different world in which our children and all the future generations will have a decent life,” said Subotic in a documentary film that shows his stay in Ethiopia.

“Students used to travel for a couple of hours to get some drinkable water, and they used to miss their classes. But now they have hygienically correct water and they can go to school on time.

More than a hundred water wells have been built thanks to Subotic’s foundation in the past five years.

Subotic has contract with Borussia until summer 2018, and the club from Westfalen is planning to sell him already this winter.

(Source: faktor.ba)





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