Positive Story: Kick boxers Bahrudin Mahmic and Ahmed Krnjic, State and World Champions

December 2, 2017 7:00 PM

Bahrudin Mahmic is a successful kickboxer and current state champion in the category -91kg in the discipline low kick, but not only that, he became the world champion in the low kick category up to 91 kg after kickboxing, full contact, and K1 which was held in November this year in Hungary. This young man from Zenica showed his quality in 2011, when he became the world’s vice-champion at the Skopje World Championship and then became the Balkan Champion, the World Cup winner and the multiple champion of BiH. Despite training very hard and achieving good results, Mahmic is left to himself and possible help of his fellows and coach from his “Isak” club from Zenica.

Ahmed Krnjic, is also the current state champion in the category -91kg but in the discipline K1 and has scored remarkably high scores and has been a three times champion of BiH in kickboxing, and twice in boxing in the junior competition. Last year, Ahmed became the vice-champion of the world at kickboxing at the junior championship. He had a total of 30 fights, out of which 24 victories, five defeats and one unresolved match.

In 2013 and 2014 Ahmed was a representative of BiH in boxing, while from 2014 onwards he was a representative of BiH in kickboxing.

At WAKO World Kickboxing Championships Mahmic won gold medal in the category -91kg in the discipline low kick and Krnjic won silver medal in the category -91kg in the discipline K1.

In an interview for Bosnian newspapers Preporod, Krnjic says that he loves martial arts since he was a small child, and that from the early childhood he did not allow either to peers nor to the elderly, to provoke him, which, unfortunately, often caused problems to his parents.

“Sport is a necessary thing for youth development. By this I would recommend parents to enroll their children in a sport school because they will get work habits, and will know that they depend on themselves and rely on their own effort, “ Krnjic said.

ST, photo Haris Memija


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