Positive Rating for Chicken Exports is expected in September?

The export of chicken meat from BiH in the year of 2016 amounted to 58 million BAM and imports amounted to 33 million BAM. This sector achieved export-import coverage of 160 % last year, which is the highest percentage recorded in the last five years.

This growth trend is continued. Namely, in the first six months of this year, the coverage was increased by 4 %.

Minister Sarovic announced the arrival of the inspection on September 26. He noted that for the beginning, as it was the case in the export of milk, they chose four companies that are the best equipped in this field. There are three companies from the FBiH and one from the RS. Ten companies are on the potential list for the export of these products.

“I am optimistic and I believe that we will get a positive opinion of the inspectorate. We will use this month and a half before the inspection comes for further preparations,” said Sarovic, and expressed his hope that the inspectorate will give their permission for the export of eggs as well.

“Our most important export markets in the year of 2016 were Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro,” said Bruno Bojic, the President of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH.


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