BUSINESS Humanitarian Organization to distribute 500,000 Surgical Masks Free of Charge, a charity organization, provided 500,000 free surgical masks and will distribute them free of charge to citizens.

“We will subsequently inform the public about the distribution, but what we can say is that masks will primarily be distributed directly to people in their hands.” This is about the great value of masks, both because of the current price on the market and because of their difficult procurement. In order to prevent possible abuse, it is written on the masks: FREE “, the Facebook official page stated.

“ currently has about 200 tons of food in its commodity reserves. We are leaving this information for the reason that we have witnessed the devastation of shelves in shopping centers and supermarkets in recent days, and we cannot imagine how those who were not in able to get as much food as possible while many around them are panicking. What kind of fear did they feel? That’s why we’re here, “they said. The food was intended for the most vulnerable categories, the elderly, the sick and the sick people who almost every day carry meals to their homes.

“Given our commodity reserves, these people are insured for at least the next year, when we will no longer receive a single donation for the purpose. We hope to emerge from the whole coronavirus situation as a society stronger, ” was stated.



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