Policeman killed during Intervention near City of Prijedor

A policeman who was wounded on Sunday during the intervention, deceased on Monday morning in a local hospital in Prijedor, a city located 300 kilometers northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) capital Sarajevo.

A man stabbed his father with a knife in their family house, after which he fired eight bullets on a policeman who arrived for intervention, was confirmed from the Prijedor police station to local media on Monday.

Director of the Prijedor hospital Mirko Sovilj confirmed on Monday that the policeman was admitted to hospital in severe condition with the injuries of the stomach and all the internal organs and blood vessels.

“He was urgently taken to surgery. The injuries were so heavy that doctors could not save him,” Sovilj added.

The health condition of the wounded man is stable and the attacker is arrested, local police confirmed.

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