Police seized Drugs amounting to Two Million Euros


The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced details of an operation code-named “Tebra” during which it was seized half a tonne of marijuana-skunk in the Gabela Polje area in Capljina on Wednesday late night.

The location where the narcotic drug was found is the result of earlier investigative activities by the BiH Prosecutor’s Office. The aforementioned seizure of a large amount of narcotic marijuana-skunk aimed to detect and break international smuggling chains that smuggle narcotic drugs from Albania through Montenegro, to Bosnia and Herzegovina for further smuggling to the Republic of Croatia and other EU countries.

The value of narcotic drugs seized on the illegal drug market in the EU countries amounts to more than 2 million euros.

This is one in a series of seizures of hundreds of kilograms of marijuana-skunk, which have been realized in the past year, “the BiH Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement on Thursday. The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, with partner agencies, is continuing an intensive investigation aimed at prosecuting persons involved in international drug trafficking chains.

(Photo: N1)


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