Police asked from Mothers of Srebrenica to remove the Transparent in front of The Hague Tribunal!

Before the pronunciation of the verdict to Radovan Karadzic, an incident occurred when police demanded that the transparent of comparison between Radovan Karadzic and Adolf Hitler to be removed from the fence, reports the contributor to Klix.ba news portal Mehmed Smajic.

The police then demanded transparent where it was written “Radovan Karadzic – genocide, Adolf Hitler – Holocaust” be removed because it is allegedly controversial as to mentioning Hitler and the Holocaust.

Also, police said if they do not remove the controversial transparent, then they will have to remove all of them.

The Srebrenica mothers refused to remove the transparent.

In the meantime, police have dropped the application.

This was stated by Nihad Alickovic from the informal civic initiative “AntiDejton” from Sarajevo.

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