PM Borisov: Radical Islam is a Problem, but I believe that it does not exist in BiH

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Denis Zvizdic, welcomed Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, who is paying an official visit to BiH, and they expressed their mutual readiness for the cooperation of these two countries at the press conference.

“European integration and economic cooperation have been the main focus of our conversation. Especially when we consider that Bulgaria is taking over the presidency over the EU in a period in which BiH should get the candidate status for accession to the EU. I am particularly grateful for the fact that Bulgaria will insist on the enlargement of the EU,” stated Chairman Zvizdic.

He added that the enlargement of the EU represents a key factor for BiH to continue on its path to European integrations.

“We believe that economic cooperation can be more extensive and more contentful. We will have frequent visits and cooperation at numerous fairs, where we can further improve our cooperation. We also acknowledged a poor road infrastructure. We will especially work on realization of the project of linking BiH with the Western Balkans,” said Zvizdic.

He noted that they also discussed the topic of connecting through airlines and considered the possibility to introduce the airline Sofia – Skopje – Sarajevo.

“Our real friends came to visit, and we welcome them with our arms wide open. We will work on significant projects, which are important for the entire region of Balkans. Friendly environment is a key factor for us to succeed in our goals,” said Zvizdic.

“The Western Balkans cannot succeed without Serbia, Croatia, nor without BiH. There is a stumbling stone between all these countries. Your elites have to solve that. You cannot expect the help of Europe in that matter. It has its own problems and fears,” stated PM Borisov.

He emphasized that different religions represent an advantage, but that radical Islam is a problem.

“My colleague convinced me that that kind of Islam does not exist in BiH,” concluded PM Borisov.

(Source: I. C./Klix.ba/FENA)

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