Platform for Progress organized a Protest Walk in Tuzla



Under the slogan “Enough silence”, the Platform for Progress organized a protest walk in Tuzla on Saturday, led by the president of this party, Mirsad Hadzikadic, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

The basic demands are highlighted on numerous banners, with the messages “We demand electronic voting”, “Enough of silence”, “We are deprived of basic rights”, “United Mostar”, “Tuzla can do better”, “We deserve a better future” and others. The protest walk started in front of the B-9 building in the Stupine settlement, passed through the city, and ended up on Freedom Square.

The President of the Platform for Progress, Mirsad Hadzikadic, said that one of the basic ideas of this party is that there must be a change in social consciousness in BiH. This cannot happen until, as he pointed out, each individual decides to take responsibility for the community.

“People can’t just sit on the couch by the TV and say that someone needs to do something. These protests are a way to awaken that awareness in people. What happened in Mostar and Sarajevo, and what was an indication that it would happen in Tuzla, and which we could not achieve due to epidemiological conditions, so we had to reduce to a symbolic number of participants, showed that there is significant strength in BiH and that, if he wakes up, it can lead to change,” said Hadzikadic.

During the protest rally, citizens had the opportunity to sign a petition to hold elections in Mostar, to adopt a budget for the 2020 local elections and to enable electronic voting. It was emphasized that they will ask the current government to fulfill the request, and until that happens, the protest walks in the cities of BiH will not stop.


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