Planning Documentation for the Adriatic-Ionic Highway through BiH begins

September 4, 2017 1:45 PM

The Institute for Construction IG Banja Luka, together with IPSA Institute from Sarajevo, was awarded a contract to draft plan studies for the Adriatic-Ionic Highway, specifically the part that runs through Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) – Pocitelj-Neum-Trebinje-Montenegrin border.

The Institute for Construction IG Banja Luka notes that the contract, which was signed with the Ministry of Communications and Transport of BiH, is worth 3.666.000 BAM and that experts from both institutes will realize this large project in the next 18 months.

The Adriatic-Ionic Highway is a part of the Paneuropean Adriatic-Ionic corridor which connects Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, BiH, Montenegro, Albania and Greece.

“The connection of the highway Corridor VC and the future Adriatic-Ionic Highway will create a real possibility for BiH to join the macro regional systems of central Europe and the regional association of countries of the Mediterranean basin. That will be one of several projects which this Institute is currently realizing,” they note from the Institute from Banja Luka.

They note that a planning project for the SEETO highway Brod na Drini-Foca-Hum-Scepan Polje and Sarajevo-Brod na Drini-Foca was also recently completed.

“The project was jointly realized with Aecom Madrid from Spain and its value is 1,700,000 million Euros. The European Commission financed the project and gave a positive opinion regarding its realization,” it is noted in the press release.

Thanks to the high level of expertise and the use of modern solutions, Institute IG during the past few months has signed a large number of contracts, including both local administration for the drafting of special-planning documentation and other public and private investors for drafting project documentation, leading expert reviews and drafting various studies, analyses, and elaborates.

Institute IG Banja Luka, during its twenty years of existence, developed into one of the leading institutions for research, development and projects in the field of construction, energetics, ecology, special planning, waste management and worker safety.

The Institute currently has 145 employees, of which 114 have university degrees from various fields, which provides it with a quality concentration of knowledge and ability to use the best methods available, respond to all market demands and offer modern solutions.



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