Plan adopted: 64.68 million BAM for the Program of Modernization of Roads in FBiH

February 17, 2017 10:15 AM

roadsThe Government of FBiH has adopted a plan of the Roads of FBiH for 2017. In the structure of investment from public funds, which is planned by PC Roads of the FBiH for 2017, the largest amount of 31.81 million BAM is provided for regular and winter maintenance of roads.

For the reconstruction of landslides, buildings and damaged asphalt pavements were planned 1.99 million BAM, and for the reconstruction and construction of roads, bridges, and tunnels 4.1 million BAM. For improvement of traffic safety, lighting and traffic lights on intersections and tunnels in 2017 is planned to allocate 6.18 million BAM.

Otherwise, it is planned that the program of modernization of road lasts for next four to five years, for which the international credit institutions approved 173 million EUR.

When it comes to funds of international financial institutions, 64.68 million BAM was intended for the program “Modernization of the Roads in the FBiH.” The implementation of projects in this program is directly dependent on an increase in public revenues of the Roads of the FBiH, which is a requirement of international credit institutions.

The program includes the construction of new sections, including roads M17.3 Neum – Stolac and M18 Tuzla – Sarajevo, continued construction of the third section of the tunnel Karaula, detour around Mostar, Bugojno, Donji Vakuf, Gorazde, Cazin, construction of slow lane, and repair of flood damage.



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