At which Place are BH Citizens when it comes to consuming Alcohol?

alcoholRussians are not the biggest drinkers in the world after all, and BH citizens should not worry because they are somewhere in the middle when it comes to alcohol consumption, according to a new study.

Of the 186 countries in which the survey was conducted, BH citizens are located on the 93rd place with four liters of alcohol per year.

When it comes to our neighbors, the average Croat drinks 12.2 liters of alcohol and they are on the 4th position, the average Serb drinks 9.57 liters, and Slovenian drinks 10.61 liters and holds the 19th position.

Citizens of BiH mostly drink beer, while Russians (who were the first on the list) annually consume 17.32 liters of alcohol, mostly strong drinks.

It would be polite to mention the Russians who have a bad reputation when it comes to alcohol. They took the 13th place on this list with 11.5 alcohol per person per year.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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