Phytosanitary Inspection banned the Import of 20 Tons of Cucumber

Due to the increased presence of pesticides, the Phytosanitary Inspection of the Republika Srpska, one of the entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), has banned the import of 20,080 kilograms of fresh corn cucumbers originating from Serbia.

The Inspectorate said that during the inspection of this shipment, sampling was carried out for laboratory analysis to test pesticide residues.

“Based on the laboratory analysis report issued by the Bijeljina Water Institute, the analyzed sample determined the presence of pesticides above the values ​​prescribed in the ordinance on maximum levels of pesticide residues in food as well as animal feed,” was stated from the Inspectorate.

After the importer requested a superanalysis, it was performed at an accredited laboratory of the Belgrade City Public Health Institute and reaffirmed the increased presence of pesticides, and a decision was issued ordering the return of the disputed shipment to the sender or destruction under the supervision of a competent inspector.


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