Photographs of 3,176 killed Residents of Prijedor exhibited in Sarajevo

On the occasion of marking the White Armband Day and memories of the victims of horrific war crimes in Prijedor, photographs of 3.176 victims were exhibited in the Great Park in Sarajevo.

Installation in the park is a work of the AntiDayton group from which they say that they wanted to show how many men, women and children were killed in Prijedor, both old and young. As they say, behind every victim’s name lies their own tragic story.

“In this way, we want to show you what is 3,176 victims are not just four numbers, but that’s thousands of people, women and children,” was stated from the AntiDayton group.

According to available data, there were 258 women and 102 children killed in Prijedor. Most Bosniaks, followed by Croats, Roma, Albanians and Serbs, Klix.ba news portal reports.


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