Persons not tested for Coronavirus are forbidden to stay in Neum


The Neum Municipality Civil Protection Headquarters has decided that persons who are in self-isolation in other municipalities and cities, as well as those who did not undergo a proper coronavirus test, will be prohibited from staying in the Neum municipality, Klix.ba news portal reports.

According to a new decision of the Neum Civil Protection Staff, all persons who are not residents in the municipality of Neum and the ones who reside in this municipality are obliged to contact the Civil Protection Municipal Office as a matter of urgency by telephone 121, and if necessary by personal arrival, for the purpose of recording and receiving the necessary instructions regarding the state of emergency in the Neum area.

These persons will be allowed to stay in Neum municipality only if they submit the results of a coronavirus test, not older than 48 hours compared to the hour they report to the Neum Civil Protection Office.

Also, persons who do not reside in the Neum area and who plan to stay in this municipality for more than 12 hours or longer than the beginning of the curfew, are obliged to contact Civil Protection.

The civil protection headquarters of the municipality of Neum has made another decision prohibiting the execution construction works in the area of ​​this municipality, except for works on the main road M 17.3. Neum-Stolac. This Decision shall apply from 13 April.



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