People in BiH started the Humanitarian Campaign for the People of Syria

September 22, 2017 1:00 PM

The humanitarian campaign “BiH for the people of Syria”, after being conducted in several mufti units in BiH, started in the area of Sarajevo as well.

The Mufti unit of Sarajevo and the local non-governmental humanitarian organization IFS-EMMAUS will organize the collection and delivery of humanitarian aid to the people of Syria. The partner of this humanitarian action is the Turkish humanitarian organization IHH.

Collecting of the assistance will take place in the period of September 22 to 30, but there are also procedures that need to be carried out before sending trucks with aid to Turkey.

Elmedin Skrebo, Assistant of Director for Development and Cooperation at IFS – EMMAUS, recalled that this organization has delivered 936 tons (39 trucks) of help in four convoys to the people of Syria so far, both independently and in cooperation with Mufti units of Tuzla, Banja Luka and Zenica since December last year.

He also invited all citizens to support this humanitarian action.

“When it comes to aid, according to instructions of IHH from Turkey, they need flour the most, and therefore we got primarily engaged in the collection of flour, oil, baby diapers, pasta, and jams. We appeal now for these five items to be the basis for collecting as well, and the money is also needed,” said Skrebo.

All 284 jamats (congregations) in ten majlises participate in the action of collecting the fifth convoy of aid in the area of the Mufti unit of Sarajevo. Help in the form of flour, oil, pasta, jams and baby diapers (exclusively domestic products) will be collected in all mosques in the area of the Mufti unit.



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