Peacemaker with Roses; Avdo Sandžić, an Example of a Successful Entrepreneur

May 31, 2015 5:45 PM

Avdo Sandžić klix.baWe need positive stories, we need to talk to our people, and we need to be the voice of those who have incentive thoughts, especially in terms of openness, peace-making and hospitality.

This is why the team of the USAID PRO-Future Project visited Avdo Sandžić in the Gostilj settlement near Potočari. Avdo is the first returnee to this village, a successful entrepreneur, a great host and a peace-maker with his words and deeds.

is is shown by the rows and bouquets of fragrant roses that Avdo cultivates, as well as his nearest neighbours. Avdo has a market in Bratunac, since people there recognize him and love him, and often stop by for bouquets of roses and other products at Avdo’s.

“Even prior to the war I had roses. I went and bought various kinds of roses, because I like those flowers and bees the most. Whatever I produce, I can sell it. If I wrapped a stone, I would sell it”, Avdo is convinced.

He has received support for growing roses, as well as calendula, tulips, lavender and other herbs, from the Association “Women’s Strength” (”Snaga žene”)  from Tuzla. Since 2006, this association has been applying a working-occupational therapy model that aims to overcome the problems encountered during the war, actively helping the returnees and keeping in constant touch with them.

The fact that Avdo is a good host is highlighted by the fact that about 15 people gathered today at Avdo’s for a pleasant socializing and cafe known as the “Flower Gardens of Srebrenica”.

There were representatives of the project PRO-Future, as well as the people from Bratunac and Srebrenica working together on the project. Among others, there was Amir Kulaglić, Advisor to the Mayor of Srebrenica, as well as the representatives of associations ”Sara” from Srebrenica, ”Priroda” from Bratunac, ”Snaga žene” from Tuzla, ”Friends of Srebrenica”, and Avdo’s friends from the neighbourhood.



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