Which Party has the most Candidates for the Elections – a total of 2,101?

August 19, 2016 2:00 PM

electionsMore than 30,000 candidates signed up for the local elections in BiH, which will be held on Sunday, the 2nd October this year, which means that 1 % of the population of our country is running for elections.

Most of the candidates are from the Party of Democratic Action (SDA). This party, in fact, registered a total of 2,101 people for municipal councils, municipal assemblies and the city administration. They also have four candidates for mayoral positions; one candidate for mayor applied together with the Party for BiH (SBiH), while there is 60 joint candidates who applied together with the Alliance for a Better Future (SBB).

After SDA, most of the candidates were registered by the Social Democratic Party (SDP) – a total of 2,020. SDP also registered 36 candidates for mayoral positions, while they are fighting for mayoral positions in two municipalities together with the Democratic Front (DF).

The following is the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), which registered a total of 1,695 candidates for municipal assemblies and municipal councils. They also registered 42 candidates for mayoral positions.

On the 4th place is SBB, with a total of 1,563 candidates registered for local authorities, and then DF with a total of 1,509 candidates. Unlike SBB, DF has 21 candidates for mayoral position as well.

Next is SDS which registered a total of 1,499 candidates for the local elections. SDS and SRS have 66 candidates for municipal assemblies and together with NDP, they registered 34 candidates. They also registered 30 candidates for mayoral positions, and as a member of the coalition “Alliance for Change” (SDS, SRS, PDP, NDP) they have another 25 candidates that are running for mayors.

The Croatian Democratic Union of BiH (HDZ BiH) registered a total of 911 candidates for the local authority’s positions. They also have 27 candidates for mayoral positions.

Coalition of Croatian parties, including HDZ BiH, registered additional 299 candidates for municipal councils.

When it comes to HDZ 1990, they registered a total of 478 candidates for municipal councils, and they also have another 112 candidates in various coalitions. They have 13 of their candidates running for mayors, and two more within the coalitions.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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