Pakistani Businessman gives a Million USD worth Villa in Gwadar to BiH

May 25, 2017 7:00 AM

minhasRepresentatives of state institutions, businessmen, representatives of the media and other public sector will be able to use residence symbolically called “Bosnian villa”, which is worth a million of USD, in the city of Gwadar in Pakistan, one of the most important hubs of the trade between East and West in the 21st century, said a businessman and philanthropist from Pakistan and the owner of that residence Asif Mahmood Minhas, who is searching for opportunities for investment in Sarajevo and BiH.

Minhas, who is engaged in the hotel industry, the development of concepts of amusement parks and thematic parks as well as trade in general, is interested in investing in the tourism sector of BiH, as well as the cooperation of the private sector of the two countries in the field of exchange of goods, people and ideas.

“I am trying to decide in which sectors to expand my business, maybe in resorts or in a hotel, some of the theme parks such as Joyland or Disneyland, or maybe in the export of textiles from Pakistan to BiH. On the other hand, we are ready to import in Pakistan everything that can be exported from BiH,” said Minhas.

In just several days that he spent in Sarajevo, this businessman realized that BiH has a great potential for tourism.

“There is a need for good resorts, hotels, content such as Disneyland, Joyland, and good shopping centers. Of course, BiH also has to have its strong airline, helicopter service for tourists, and many other kinds of modern transportation. I see that as a primary necessity,” said this businessman from Pakistan.

When asked what BiH could get from Pakistan, Minhas noted high-quality textiles, rice and leather products.

“I heard that BiH has high-quality companies in the wood industry, as well as very strong construction companies… These are the sectors that could find their market in Pakistan. We could also work on the exchange of experience. I am really motivated to achieve cooperation with companies from BiH,” said Asif Mahmood Minhas, a businessman and philanthropist from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.



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