Owner of Company from Sarajevo gave Audi Car to best Worker

April 11, 2019 7:00 PM

The owner of the company from Sarajevo gave his “Audi A8” car to his best worker, in gratitude for all the work he has done.

It is little to say that this kind of relationship between the boss and the employee delighted the entire region, and especially Emrah, who did not expect this.

“One company survives only with a good team! The worker who cooperates and realizes my ideas into reality deserves this gift. This gesture is made from the heart because I am in charge of bringing investors to BiH, to transfer my knowledge to my people. Sometimes there are good and bad days, but good workers who believe in themselves and me and are a gain that cannot be paid with money. This “Audi” is a gift to my Emrah worker, to show him that he is part of us and that he has a future in this country,” said Semir Kozic, the company’s owner.

Emrah Rogo is a proud owner of the Audi A8 car.

“For me, this was a huge shock today that I still recover from. I did not expect that the boss intends to give me a car. This gift exceeds the material value it has because it is something for which simply “thank you” is not enough – Emrah said, Fokus.ba news portal reports.


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