Over Twelve Thousand People left without Job in only 20 Days in Bosnia and Herzegovina


As of the beginning of April, a total of 12,411 people remained unemployed in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Employment Service confirmed on Wednesday, eKapija business portal reports.

Director of the Federal Employment Bureau Helena Loncar confirmed during the press conference that on March 31, there were 307,197 people on the Bureau’s records, and 319,608 on April 20.

She stated that since the emergence of coronavirus, a total of 15,107 persons have applied for the records of the Federal Employment Service, of which 10,214 have requested financial compensation.

“No one will, neither be deprived of financial compensation, nor of their right to health insurance,”- Loncar added.

She said that workers who got fired, who were not paid contributions by their employers, would be entitled to financial compensation from the Office, noting that it was a decision of the Federal Supreme Court.

“To all those who complain about services that have not given them the right to exercise this right, the Federal Employment Service will take those complaints into consideration and return them to the services for retrial,” Loncar added.

She said that a decision was adopted allowing all health and social care institutions in need of additional staff and specified that they could contact the employment services.





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