Over One Million of Cars registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina





In 2019, a total of 1,175,731 road vehicles were registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which represents an increase of 111,601 vehicles or 10.49 percent when compared to 2018.

In the Federation of BiH entity, 703,038 motor vehicles were registered, or 59.8 percent of the total number in the territory of BiH, 432,925 or 36.8 percent in the Republika Srpska entity, while a total of 39,768 or 3.4 percent of the total was registered in the Brcko District.

The number of passenger vehicles is 969,704 or 82.47 percent, mopeds and motorcycles 32,000 or 2.72 percent, buses 4,603 or 0.39 percent, trucks 93,845 or 7.98 percent, trailers 35,936 or 3.06 percent, tractors 34,032 or 2.89 percent, and work machines 5.608 or 0.49 percent.

The average age of motor vehicles in BiH is 16 years.

About 55 percent of registered vehicles in Bosnia and Herzegovina are over 19 years old, and more than 80 percent are over 14 years old.

The number of vehicles older than 27 still accounts for more than one sixth of the total of vehicles, while the number of vehicles with Euro 3 and Euro 4 engines accounts for more than half of the total number of registered motor vehicles.

Nearly 75 percent of vehicles use diesel as, slightly more than 21 percent of vehicles use gasoline, while the number of alternative is just under four percent.

Of the total number of road vehicles registered for the first time, 14.36 percent are new, while 85.64 percent are imported second-hand vehicles.

During 2019, 13,089 new road vehicles were registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina, of which 8,497 sold new passenger vehicles or 64.9 percent, or 9,906 passenger and commercial vehicles, accounting for 75.7 percent of the total number of new vehicles sold. Of the total number of registered motor vehicles in BiH, 1.11 percent are registered new vehicles purchased by natural or legal persons in 2019.


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