Over 7,000 Doses of Pfizer Vaccines arrived in Republika Srpska

The long-awaited first doses of vaccines procured through the “Covax” mechanism arrived in Republika Srpska and 7,020 doses of vaccines manufactured by Pfizer were stored at the Institute of Public Health of Republika Srpska.

The vaccines were stored in compliance with all the rules of maintaining a cold chain, the Institute of Public Health of the Republika Srpska announced.

After the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of BiH performs a quality check and approves the use, the vaccines will be distributed to health institutions that conduct vaccination throughout the Republika Srpska.

23,400 doses of Pfizer vaccine arrived at Sarajevo International Airport yesterday, which BiH bought within the “Covax” mechanism.

This shipment will be distributed to Public Health Institutes in Mostar, Banja Luka and Brcko District Health Center. The diluents for the vaccines were already distributed to those institutions, as well as UNICEF procured ultra-cold chain refrigerators for storage.

As vaccines start to roll out around the world, they should complement, and not replace, proven public health measures. BiH must also continue to apply tried-and-tested measures to successfully prevent and control transmission, such as physical distancing, masks, and hand hygiene, alongside robust programmes to test, isolate, trace and quarantine.

“Safe and effective  vaccines will contribute to the fight against COVID-19 because vaccines help save lives. It will take time to reach and vaccinate every eligible person but when your turn comes, make a difference, and get vaccinated: protect yourself and your loved ones. ” said Dr. Fabio Scano, WHO Country Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

“As health  and education workers and other front-line staff are being vaccinated and protected, we will be able to progressively see a return to routine and focus on reimagining health, social, child protection and education for every child.” said Dr. Rownak Khan, UNICEF Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 “Bosnia and Herzegovina joined COVAX as a self-financing country. The authorities had the foresight to ensure that those people who are at most risk and most vulnerable – especially health and other front-line workers, the elderly and people with co-morbidities – would have access to the largest vaccine procurement and supply operation in the history of the world. COVID-19 is a global problem and COVAX is a global solution. It will ultimately benefit billions of people across the world.”, said Dr. Ingrid Macdonald, United Nations Resident Coordinator in BiH.

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