Over 22,000 Migrants entered Bosnia-Herzegovina


The Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Council of Ministers presented information from the Ministry of Security on the state of affairs in the field of migration in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period April, May, June, July, August, September and October 2019.

Information prepared in an earlier convocation of the Council of Ministers on the situation in the field of migration will be submitted to the Bosnian Presidency.

There were 22,211 illegal migrants reported to the Office for Foreigner Affairs between January 1st and September 30th last year.

In the same period, 21,157 migrants expressed their intention to apply for asylum, while 455 persons actually applied for asylum.

Most migrants were Pakistan nationals (8,786 or 39.6 percent), followed by Afghan nationals (2,359 or 10.6 percent), Bangladesh (1,939 or 8.7 percent), Iraq (1,843 or 8.3 percent) and Syria ( 1,390 or 6.3 percent).

In August last year, 3,206 illegal migrants were reported to the Service for Foreigner Affairs, which is a decrease of 23 percent compared to July, when 4,166 migrants were reported.

There were 3,812 illegal migrants reported in September, up 19 percent from August.

The top priorities include strengthening the Bosnian Border Police and intensifying the fight against smuggling of migrants, as well as support for local communities where temporary reception centers have been established.


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