Outing Spots Throughout BiH Ready for 1st May Holiday

April 30, 2013 3:22 PM

unaBy Nevena Šarenac

BiH citizens will mark 1 May tomorrow, International Labor Day, and the majority of resorts throughout the country are ready for 1 May celebrations.

Meteorologists predict a combination of clouds and sun for tomorrow, and the development of clouds at higher mountain areas could lead to short showers.

People from various cities continue to preserve the traditions that are characteristic for specific areas. Thus, in the Una-Sana Canton (USK) the 1st May reveille for 1st May is being organized, and citizens traditionally wake up to brass sounds of music.

The Director of the Tourist Office of the Tourist Community of USK Jasminka Šuško told “Sarajevo Times” that people usually celebrate 1st May in nature.

Since the area of USK has a large number of rivers, it is not surprising that a large number of people decide to spend 1st May on the banks of the Una, Sana, Klokot…

“In Bihać is the source of the river Kolkot, and thousands of citizens gather there to celebrate Labor Day’’, said Šuško.

However, the pride of USK is the National Park Una, which contains two particularly attractive destinations called Martin Brod and Štrbački Buk.

“A number of citizens decide to spend the 1st May holiday at the National Park Una, because there is space for camping and picnics’’, confirmed Šuško.

Citizens of Sarajevo will traditionally spend the 1st May holiday in the areas around Sarajevo.

The Spokesperson for the Tourist Board of Sarajevo Canton Asja Mešić confirmed that a number of outing spots in the last few years have become fully equipped.

She said that interesting destinations for 1st May are Čavljak, Barice, Bijambare, Igman and Bjelašnica, and said that Vrelo Bosne was declared a protected area and that special measures are applied in order to protect the environment. She hopes that the good weather would contribute to a comfortable atmosphere for Sarajevans during the 1st May holiday.

She commented on the increase in the number of foreign tourists in Sarajevo during the last period.

“Since the beginning of the year we have an increased number of tourists from Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia and we hope that BiH will become a destination in which people from the region and all over Europe would come to celebrate 1st May’’, said Asja Mešić – Hadžiefendić from the Tourist Organization of the RS. She recommends staying at a number of outing places and locations that are suitable for picnics and relaxation in nature throughout the RS.

“For those who love camping and multi-day stays in nature, we suggest a trip to one of the camps, where the celebration of 1st May and the first major gathering of hikers signals the start of the summer season’’, said the Tourist Organization of the RS for “Sarajevo Times’’.

They emphasized that this year tourist employees at the camping site “Ljekarice” near Prijedor have arranged places for camping and prepared rich events for guests for the 1st May celebrations.

In addition to the camp, this site offers an entertainment program, picnic in nature and recreation in sports fields.

This year also, the rafting club on the Tara and Drina is organizing a 1st May downhill that announces rafting season and a pleasant atmosphere alongside rafting.

The RS Tourist Organization said that one of the popular outings is the sports-recreation center Mlinska River near Čelinac, where all those interested to celebrate 1st May can reserve their place on time in this beautiful place.

“Just like every year, popular places to celebrate 1st may are areas of our national parks, Sutjeska and Kozara, where we expect the arrival of a large number of visitors, as well as the banks of our rivers and a number of places around their catchment areas, Pliva, Janjska Island, Sava, Drina and many others that are a constant attraction and a suitable place for relaxation and fun’’, said the Tourist Organization of the RS.



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