Our Party reacted on Serbian Defense and National Security Strategy


Defense Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vulin presented the country’s Defense and National Security Strategy on Wednesday, atating that preserving the Republika Srpska has been singled out as one of Serbia’s foreign policy priorities.

“Serbia has once again expressed its territorial claims over Bosnia-Herzegovina with its Defense Strategy. The preservation of the entity of Republika Srpska is their national goal, which is a particular and tendentious approach towards BiH and fuels separatist intentions in this BiH entity,” Nasa Stranka stated in a press release.

It is paradox to see that in the same strategy, separatism is cited as one of the greatest threats to peace in the region, and only a few sentences later that same separatism is encouraged.

“Serbia clearly does not realize that by making such moves that the country itself becomes the most influential in advocating the abolition of the entity Republika Srpska entity because the way it ‘defends’ the entity implies that they are favoring those forces that would like the entity to secede and to be joined with Serbia,” was added in the statement.


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