Our Party: Arrests by Erdogan’s Order call into Question BiH’s Sovereignty


Our Party “Nasa Stranka” reacted on the arrest of Turkish national Fatih Keskin, director of Una-Sana College in Bihac, evaluating the arrest as political.

“We have no reason to suspect that Fatih Keskin was arrested for political reasons, or more precisely by the private order of Turkey’s President, Erdogan. On the same principle that 21,000 educators in Turkey were suspended and most of them arrested without any trial, Erdogan’s regime wants it works with us as well. Based on President Erdogan’s verbal order, members of the BiH Presidency arrest and extradite educators who have proper residence documents for living and working in BiH, against whom neither legal proceedings have been conducted in BiH or Turkey, nor sought or issued Interpol’s warrants. Neither the United Nations nor any other international institution, have agreed to designate FETO as a terrorist organization,” Our Party said in a statement.

Professor Keskin’s arrest, they say, is the latest in a series of actions that show the inferior position of the state of BiH towards Erdogan rather than the fight against terrorism, and throws a stain on all BiH citizens.

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