OSCE Mission to BiH organized a specialized IT and Cybersecurity Fair


The OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) organized a specialized IT and Cybersecurity Fair on 29 October 2020 focused on the security and vulnerabilities of ICT systems, and aimed at providing a platform for networking between representatives of the private and public sectors. The Fair, which was held online, gathered relevant experts from government institutions, the private sector, educational institutions, and youth.

The event was designed to encourage participants to interact with relevant youth experts and to potentially educate and employ them. It also aimed at improving inter-institutional co-operation at the national level in dealing with contemporary cybersecurity challenges.

“The OSCE Mission to BiH is committed to supporting the country in addressing and building resilience to the complex challenges and threats emanating from cyberspace. I am confident that today’s Fair will strengthen co-operation on priorities and modalities for joint engagement,” said Kathleen Kavalec, Head of the OSCE Mission. “This Fair is also a unique opportunity for our young experts to share their views, ideas and concerns. In a field as fast-moving as this one, the involvement of motivated young people – the leaders of the future – is crucial.”

Irina Rizmal, Senior Associate for cybersecurity policies at PricewaterhouseCoopers Serbia said: “Co-operation of different actors is necessary to make the accelerated digitalization of our societies safe. Cybersecurity is an area in which no actor or segment of society can respond to all challenges on its own. Cross-sectoral co-operation, i.e., various forms of public-private partnerships, is the only way to ensure the resilience of the entire society in cyberspace. In addition to the public and private sectors, this means involving the academic sector, civil society and ultimately the citizens themselves to develop comprehensive approaches to the issue of cybersecurity.”

The event, organized within the OSCE’s Cybersecurity Month, also saw participants assess the current situation and developments in cybersecurity.

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