Orange Meteoalert issued for Parts of Bosnia

This morning, Federal Hydrometeorological Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued an orange warning for the area of ​​Trebinje and Livno, due to heavy rainfall of 40 to 60 liters of rain per square meter.

Locally, up to 80 liters can fall in the Livno area. A yellow warning was also issued due to the gust of wind, and thunder in Trebinje.

The yellow meteorological alarm was also announced for the area of ​​Banja Luka and Prijedor, due to the conditions for rain that freezes at the ground and the air temperature below zero, and in the area of ​​Prijedor due to fog.

For the area of ​​Foca and Mostar, the yellow meteorological alarm warns of increased wind and rain, while for the area of ​​Bihac, the yellow meteorological alarm warns only of rain.

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