Orange Alert for Strong Wind and Rain in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Due to the strong and stormy wind gusts of the north and northwest, the Federal Meteorological Institute of Bosnia-Herzegovina issued an orange meteorological alarm.

A warning was issued on Tuesday for the territory of western Bosnia and eastern Herzegovina.

On Wednesday, for the whole of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and on Thursday for western and partly central Bosnia, as well as much of Herzegovina, was explained for Fena on-duty meteorologist at the Federal Meteorological Institute, Ibrahim Hadzismajlovic.

Expected wind gusts will generally be between 50 and 70 kilometers per hour.

In western Bosnia and Herzegovina, wind gusts can be between 70 and 100 km / h and in mountainous areas above 100 km / h.

The alert is issued for February 4 in the evening, February 5 from 00:00 to 24:00 o’clock, and February 6 from 00:00 to 08:00 o’clock.

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