Open Online Auditions for ‘’Seasons of War’’

April 22, 2014 9:00 AM

film_seasons_of_warFIN Productions announces auditions for their narrative feature film “SEASONS OF WAR.” Shooting in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Belgrade, Serbia. the war drama film follows a young married couple in Sarajevo over the course of 4 years starting in the Spring of 1992 to the end of Winter in 1995.

As the Siege of Sarajevo begins to affect their lives and relationship more and more, the destruction of the multiethnic capitol eventually mirrors the crumbling of their once harmonious marriage. Damir, a Muslim, and Jelena, a Serbian Orthodox, have never let their respective religious and national identities play any kind of important role in defining their relationship. They see themselves as Yugoslavians first and foremost, and happily participate in one another’s religious and cultural traditions when called for. However, once the conflict in Yugoslavia finally makes its way into the heart of Sarajevo, important decisions that they must make as a family are inevitably colored by the influence of cultural identity as nationalist pressure defines acceptable and unacceptable actions for both Damir and Jelena.

The producers are currently seeking online video auditions from both union and nonunion actors in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The deadline for online submissions is April 25, 2014. Candidates auditioning for the roles need to download the sides from the website of “SEASONS OF WAR” and upload a video, reading for the part to the Facebook fan page of the movie. For more information and details about how to apply, check out the “SEASONS OF WAR” website at

The call-back auditions call will begin in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday, May 3rd at the Fis Club Bock, Musala BB, Sarajevo. All call-back auditions are from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. For any questions, please e-mail, or visit “SEASONS OF WAR” Facebook Page at

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