Online Training “Preventing and combating Trafficking in Human Beings in Bosnia and Herzegovina” held


Trafficking in human beings (THB), violations of human rights and the deprivation of human freedoms, dignity and integrity of individuals, despite being one of the major problems of our time, fails to receive the necessary attention and effective responses it deserves. European Union and Council of Europe action on „Preventing and combating trafficking in human beings in Bosnia and Herzegovina“ continues with HELP (Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals) online trainings on trafficking in human beings tailored to the specific needs of legal professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to the national legal order.

Although more countries and actors are addressing this problem, trying to raise awareness among the general population and victims about this phenomenon, including the recognition and identification of potential victims, the protection mechanisms available and the rights of victims, a large number of victims are still left to fight this battle on their own.

60 participants have already registered for two additional HELP THB online courses, amongst which are students, professors, prosecutors, police officers and civil society organisations representatives. Introductory meetings were organised through web streaming on 27 and 28 May 2020. These online courses aim to increase capacity of legal professionals to detect, identify, investigate, prosecute and sentence human trafficking cases and protect victims’ rights in accordance with the standards of the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings.

Over the last two months, through the launch of three previous HELP online courses on trafficking in human beings within action on „Preventing and combating trafficking in human beings in Bosnia and Herzegovina“, almost 80 individuals have taken part in online training for legal professionals.

This action is implemented under the joint European Union / Council of Europe programme „Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey II“, and aims to improve anti-trafficking responses and victim protection measures, mainly through capacity building and awareness raising of key anti-trafficking actors.


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