One Person in Bosnia and Herzegovina guilty of Tax Evasion in Amount of 200,000 BAM



On 18 January 2020, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed the Indictment in the case of Senad Svraka, charging the accused Senad Svraka with the criminal offense of Tax Evasion or Fraud under Article 210(4) of the Criminal Code of BiH (CC BiH) as read with Paragraph 1, all in conjunction with Articles 31 and 54 CC BiH.

The Indictment alleges that Senad Svraka, in his formal capacity as the founder-owner and employee of the legal entity of Elster Commerce d.o.o., Sarajevo, aided and abetted Aida Svraka in managing the incriminated business operations of the Elster Commerce d.o.o. legal entity between May 2008 and April 2011, so that she and the legal entity could evade paying the duties envisioned by the BiH tax legislation by way of providing false data on the facts that are of relevance for determining the amount of duties, while the amount of tax whose payment has been evaded exceeds 200,000.00 BAM.



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