One Person charged of War Crimes against Civilians in Gorazde

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed, on 23 November 2020, an indictment in the case of Brane Petković charging the accused with the commission of the criminal offense of War Crimes against Civilians, specifically, attack on civilian population and settlements, which results in the death, grave bodily injuries or serious damage to people’s health and killings, intentional infliction of severe physical or mental pain or suffering upon a person (torture) and inhuman treatment.

The indictment, inter alia, alleges that, in violation of the rules of international law at the time of war and armed conflict, as the de iure and de facto superior to the Commander of the Regional Territorial Defense Staff of the Serb Municipality Gorazde, commanders and members of the Company of the Municipal Territorial Defense Staff of the Serb Municipality of Gorazde, although he knew or had reason to know that his subordinates were under preparations to commit a crime, namely that they had already committed a crime, the accused Brane Petkovic omitted to undertake the necessary and reasonable measures to prevent commission of the crime, namely to punish the perpetrators of the criminal offense.

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