One Miner killed in an Accident in Coal Mine


Thirty-seven years old miner was killed in accident at work in a coal mine in Breza, a city located 32 kilometers northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) capital Sarajevo, was confirmed to Sarajevo Times by spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Zenica Doboj Canton (MUPZDK) Aldina Ahmic.

The accident happened at 12 a.m. local time when Adnan Kovacevic, who was working with machines near conveyors, got in contact with rotating parts.

Ferid Osmanovic, the main Federal mining inspector explained for Avaz local newspapers that the accident happened between two conveyors.

“It happens that worker comes in contact with conveyors, after which they get seriously injured, and in this case, it was a tragedy,” Osmanovic said.

Coal mine director Camil Osmanovic said that the tragedy happened at the point where accidents are least expected to happen. Mine accidents are not common in BiH coal mines, and the biggest accident happened on Aug. 26, 1990 when the coal dust exploded and 180 miners lost their lives.

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