On Today’s Day Željo’s Home – Grbavica Stadium was opened back in 1953

September 13, 2015 4:30 PM

stadium2Football club “Željezničar”, founded in 1921, played their matches at different stadiums in Sarajevo at the very beginning, however, 20 years later they needed their very own stadium.

Members of the Workers’ sports club “Željezničar” launched the work action back in 1949: the construction of the stadium in the Sarajevo settlement of Grbavica, after which it got its name as well.

Four years later, construction works were finished. The stadium had only one stand back then and it was the West Stand (made out of wood), which was transferred from the Stadium 6th of April. Athletic track was set up as well.

The stadium was officially opened on today’s day, the 13th of September 1953. In the first official match at the opening, FC Željezničar defeated Šibenik with the score 4: 1.

Major renovation of the stadium took place in the early 70’s, when the athletic track was removed, and east and south stands as well as the reflectors were set up.

North stand was constructed after the historic match between FC Željezničar and Videoton in the semifinals of the UEFA Cup back in 1985.

Home of thousands of blue fans was set on fire on the 4th of May 1992, by aggressor forces. West stand was completely burned down, and a total of 316 cups, from which 42 belonged to the players and the rest to other clubs of Sports Club Željezničar, was burned down or disappeared. The rest of the stadium, including the roof, reflectors and the north stand, were destroyed as well.

After the aggression ended, the stadium was renovated and the first match after the war between FC Željezničar and Sarajevo was played on the 2nd of May 1996.

stadiumChairs on the stadium were placed in 2004, and reflectors were renovated in 2009. After 17 years, the first match under the lights of reflectors at the Grbavica Stadium, FC Željezničar played against Zrinjski.


(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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