The oldest Poetry Manifestation in the Balkans “Santic’s poetry evening” opened in Mostar

October 11, 2017 10:00 AM

After burning candles and laying flowers on the grave of a poet Aleksa Santic on his memorial in the park of the great Mostar poet, the oldest poetry event in the Balkans, the 98th Santic’s poetry evening, was opened with his famous anthological poem “Emina”.

Mayor of Mostar, Ljubo Beslic, emphasized that evenings of Santic’s poetry have been marking Mostar for a long time and that it is a manifestation that lives and brings something beautiful and it always reminds of the great poet and his great work.

“Aleksa Santic was the man who marked this city in a positive sense, as a poet and as a man who wrote about love, kindness, social sensitivity and everything that we still live and need,” said Beslic, who noted that the actualities of Santic’s time and today’s time have not changed.

That is the reason why it is especially important that this year’s Santic’s evenings are held in the entire city of Neretva for the first time and they bring the full glory of Santic’s spirit through an extremely rich and varied program in a week.

“I am under the impression that Aleksa Santic re-united all the citizens of Mostar in a way and that Santic’s evenings this year are in the spirit of Santic – in the spirit of Mostar and in the spirit of unity,” said Radivoje Krulj, who is the President of the Education – City Committee of Mostar. This year’s event is organized with SPKUD Gusle from Mostar.



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