The Old Town of Buzim: Fortress that represented the continuity of Life in Different Epochs

May 7, 2017 2:00 PM

stari grad BuzimThe old town of Buzim is located near the eponymous village, around 2 km south of the central part of the Municipality of Buzim, and represents an excellent example of the old fortress, which represented the continuity of life in its long history through different time epochs.

On the altitude of 325 meters, the old town of Buzim is a ruin that was a mighty fortress once, and its origin is related to the time of the Middle Ages.

It represents an interesting example of an older fortress, constructed in the era of cold weapons, which was later expanded and strengthened with new walls and towers. There are towers, chambers, dungeons, bastions, and ramparts of this great medieval fort.

When it comes to building-architectural characteristics of the city, it represents a typical renaissance work, although there are some elements of the Romantic and Gothic style. It was multifunctional and had the function of the city, the castle, then the fortress, mosque, and fortress-house. In the early 19th century, there were 22 residential buildings of old Bosnian architecture in the yard outside the old town.

With the arrival of Islam, in the fortress was copying workshop in which was nurtured the art of transcribing the Qur’an. People who worked there left many manuscripts of the Qur’an in their private collections. Thus, in one document was stated that Hasan, son of Behram, who belonged to Buzim’s crew, transcribed a major work in 1620, at the end of which he signed as a leader of the Islamic Krajina.

At the old town of Buzim was located medieval necropolis of stecak tombstones. Tombstones were installed in the walls of this city.

Once a central place of military and civilian authorities in Buzim, today the abandoned medieval fortress is eagerly waiting for occasional visitors, lovers of antiques, cultural and historical heritage. Despite the fact that it is in ruins today, there is a lot of interest in the visit by the local population, as well as people outside the Municipality of Buzim.

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