Old Bridge illuminated with Colors of the French Flag and the Image of Jacques Chirac

The Old Bridge in Mostar was illuminated by the colors of the French flag and the image of Jacques Chirac, on the occasion of the death of the former president of this country.

In this way, people living in Mostar expressed their condolences and paid tribute to a great friend of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Director and founder of the Peace Center and former Mayor of Mostar Safet Orucevic recalls that France was one of the first and largest donors in the process of rebuilding the Old Bridge, which today is considered an international symbol of peace and reconciliation in the world.

Also, in 1998, as President of France at the time, Jacques Chirac was awarded the international Mostar Peace Connection Award in 2016.

Chirac said: “Bosnia and Herzegovina has been an example of tolerance in diversity for centuries. It can and should become again.”, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

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