What the Oil Spills in Tuzla actually contain?

May 3, 2017 10:45 AM

oil spills TuzlaIn the riverbed of Jala River, near the village Bakici, were discovered big oil stains between concrete plates and “black liquid” is going into the already poor river, threatening animal life in it.

The news about those oil spills started discussions about the “rich” oil reserves below Majevica. The studies were conducted before the World War II, and later, at different time frames, were carried out by experts from Zagreb INA, and some foreign companies.

Professor of geo-environmental engineering from the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering at the University of Tuzla Dr. Zvjezdan Karadzin, says that information about oil spills in the river Jala should not be easily taken, but they should start with research on from where it is coming to the settlement Slavinovici, near Tuzla.

“When oil spills occur, there might be very dangerous adverse effects. In the first eight days, very little toxic alkanes evaporate, while paraffin biologically breaks down. However, very toxic and stable oils remain, and their toxicity lasts for years. There are also carcinogenic substances, such as benzopyrene, in the remains of heavy oil fractions that are swimming on the surface of the water,” said Dr. Karadzin.

He believes that the relevant inspection services and geologists have to go on the field and adopt the appropriate measures against pollution as soon as possible.

(Source: akta.ba)


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