Official Information: Mercator returns to BiH

With the intention to strongly support the process of transformation and further stabilization of Konzum in BiH, the Temporary Council of Creditors of Agrokor decided to give consent to the Extraordinary Commissioner for Recapitalization of Konzum BiH in the amount of 68.7 million BAM through Ledo Citluk and Sarajevski Kiseljak. The Council also supported the decision that Agrokor provides fresh liquidity to Konzum BiH with up to 29.7 million BAM.

These decisions secured the future of Konzum BiH, which means the preservation of more than 3,700 workplaces and payment of claims of suppliers, which is for the benefit of the overall economy of BiH. Agrokor completely supports the strategy of Konzum BiH for business stabilization and this decision showed that it is ready to fully support the further development of this company.

This decision of Temporary Council of Creditors of Agrokor opened the way of Agrokor and Mercator to undertake the necessary steps to realize the plan within which Mercator returns 83 existing stores of Konzum under the brand name Mercator during the month of September.

The entire process took place with a special care given to the preservation of workplaces and social sensitivity, and the priority was the protection of the interest of employees of Konzum BiH. The further strategy of Konzum BiH and Mercator’s return to the market of BiH ensures additional stability and the preservation of workplaces.

The decision of the Temporary Council of Creditors of Agrokor will ensure the further stability of business operations. These decisions were made for the benefit of employees, suppliers, but also numerous customers who, thanks to Konzum BiH and Mercator, will have the widest possible selection of purchase goods at the best prices.



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