Official Decision: BH Block remains Opposition al all Levels of Government!

February 6, 2019 9:00 AM

BH Bloc (BH Blok) remains the opposition at the federal and state level, was concluded at the meeting of leaders of Bosnia-Herzegovina bloc – Nermin Nikšić, Željko Komšić and Predrag Kojović on Tuesday, Federal News Agency reports.

Namely, they discussed whether SDP, DF and Nasa Stranka will embark on negotiations on the formation of power with SDA, HDZ and SNSD parties.

“We have decided to remain at the federal and state level as opposition,” SDP President Nermin Niksic said.

President of the DF Željko Komšić said that the decision was made by the BH Block in order to preserve itself.

“It is important for us, the BH Block, to remain in this composition, or in a wider one, and to will appear together in local and general elections in the coming period, but our position is that we will act as an opposition,” Komšić said.

President of Nasa Stranka Predrag Kojovic stated that BH Block today decided to, at the federal and national level say “no” to the national parties.

“We want to build a new Bosnia and Herzegovina and create a platform that will become acceptable to all its non-national citizens and who think that this country can only continue if it is multi-ethnic and regulated by European standards,” Kojovic said.


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